Booking Colin as a Speaker

Colin Tipping is an inspiring speaker and an accomplished professional educator. He is equally comfortable speaking informally to a small group using just a flip chart or to a large group of more than 1000 with audio/visual support.

Themes: The basic theme of Radical Living, for which Colin is renowned and about which he wrote in his book, Radical Forgiveness, can be molded to fit a number of sub-themes, such as:

• Personal Development and Self-Improvement
• Marriage and the Dynamics of Relationships
• Radical Forgiveness and Cancer
• Radical Forgiveness and Obesity
• Mediation and Conflict Resolution/Prevention
• Racial Reconciliation
• Corporate Employee Development (QEMS)

Objectives: Whatever the sub-theme, Colin’s main objective is to leave the participant with a thorough understanding of the concept of Radical Living and how it can be applied in a very practical manner to whatever situation they are facing in their lives, whether it be related to health, wealth, workplace conflict, relationship issues, reconciliation between races or world scale issues. He always gives them an opportunity to experience Radical Living and to assess the power of the tools to create change within themselves.

Fees: Fee Schedule varies according the event.

Duration: Anything from 45 minutes to three hours.

Format: Colin is very flexible and delights in taking questions in the time he always allows for this when the main points of his lecture are covered. Very small groups are conducted seminar style.

Translation: Colin is very experienced at lecturing and teaching in foreign countries and is totally comfortable working on-stage with an interpreter.

Speaker Introduction: The following introduction is suggested when presenting Colin Tipping to an audience. If significant customization is required to fit the needs of the organization, please notify us by e-mail at least 7 days prior to the event.

“It is my pleasure to introduce to you a well known, much loved and respected speaker who has been bringing a very profound message of hope and healing to the world for many years now. That message comes in form of Radical Living, a method of emotional and spiritual healing that he has developed over more than a decade, that can be applied to almost any situation in which human beings are in relationship, whether that be in a group, a family or at work. As you will hear, tonight, he still has a great deal of passion for this work and shows no sign of retiring.

He is English by birth but has been living in America since 1984. He has written ten books to date and has others on the way. Many of them are published in over a dozen languages. His American born wife, JoAnn works with him in bringing Radical Forgiveness to the world. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Colin Tipping.”

Corporate Consulting
No organization is too big or too small to benefit from Colin’s extraordinary insight into why individuals, from CEOs down to the lowest paid employees, may, and often do develop a tendency to sabotage themselves and their career, create dissent and cause problems within the organization for reasons not known even to themselves.

This is a common phenomenon which is clearly detrimental to the organization. It seriously affects productivity and profits, lowers morale and raises the rate of attrition to an alarming level. This is especially serious when it involves the loss of senior executives.

Colin Tipping can show you how this can be easily remedied without the need to resort to expensive therapy or EAP interventions. He will show how your ROI on human capital will improve dramatically with use of the Quantum Energy Management System’s easy-to-use tools that people can use in the privacy of their own lives. Your employees will see it as an employee benefit.

Colin can be engaged to consult with any company, government agency, or organization anywhere in the world. He can also implement in-house QEMS training programs. He is also available as a speaker to make presentations at conferences and meetings.

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