1. Radical Forgiveness

Weening yourself away from victimhood is really the first step in developing a Radical Living consciousness. You cannot be in a peaceful state if you are holding resentment and anger about things that have happened in the past or continue to rob you of your peace even now. It is incredibly disempowering to make others responsible for your lack of happiness.

The answer, of course, is forgiveness. But don’t worry. We have a way to do it that is not at all difficult. It’s not like conventional forgiveness which is hard to do and rarely works. Radical Forgiveness is a simple step-by-step process that is fast, easy and extremely effective. It provides tools that enable you to quickly release whatever energies you are holding onto.

If you are like most people, in order to achieve the kind of peace that Radical Living implies, you’ll probably need to forgive one or more of the following: your parents, your partner(s), your kids, your siblings, your boss, your co-workers, not to mention doctors, lawyers, the government and other institutions. No matter whether the issues you have with these folks are small or large, it still necessary to do the work on each one to clear that energy out of your body and raise your vibration. The tools you need are provided and many of them are free. (see below.) But some of them are very specific and targeted towards particular people such parents or partners.

The longer term benefits of are improved health, more energy, expanded relationships, more prosperity, greater happiness, more peace in your life, and so on.

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Downloadable Worksheets:

• Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
• Emerge-n-See 4-Step Process

Guided Online Worksheets with Tutorials
• The Radical Forgiveness Online Worksheet

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• CD—The 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness Companion CD
• CD Set (6 CDs) The Power of Radical Forgiveness
• CD Set (3 CDs) Radical Forgiveness
• Online Program:21-day Program for Forgiving Your Parents, Partner & More
• Online Program: ‘Satori’ – The Radical Forgiveness Board Game

We also have a similar set of tools for Radical Self Forgiveness, including a three-part Online Program. We find that most people find self-forgiveness a lot more difficult that forgiving others but the fact is that the tools for both Radical Self-Forgiveness and Radical Self-Acceptance work just as well as the Radical Forgiveness tools. For more information on those and about Colin’s long awaited new book, Radical Self-Forgiveness, The Direct Path to True Self-Acceptance, go to Strategies/Radical-Empowerment/

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So here you are at the Radical Forgiveness page. Since this is the primary strategy in the Tipping Method repertoire, from which all the others spring, I will go a little deeper with the explanation of this one than I have with the others.
First, though, let me say, if you harbor a grievance that you want rid of quickly and easily, or you’re holding onto some anger about something that’s giving you a lot of pain, then this strategy is the one for you, at least right now. It really works and the results are amazing. Unlike conventional forgiveness which is difficult and takes forever, Radical Forgiveness is easy and fast acting. The tools simply dissolve the pain and leave you feeling peaceful and happy. The long-term benefits of Radical Forgiveness are better health, more energy, improved relationships, more prosperity, greater happiness, a lot more peace in your life, and so on.
To give you a little bit of background as to how Radical Forgiveness evolved, in the early 90s I was a therapist working with cancer patients. I needed to find a way to help them release the toxic emotions they had buried deep down in their subconscious minds that may have contributed to the formation of their disease process. This obviously called for forgiveness but we knew that conventional forgiveness took too long and was far too difficult. We recognized that it needed a form of forgiveness that was quick, easy to do, a step-by-step process and therapy free. Out of that need Radical Forgiveness was born.
Believe me it really works. It does so, not by doing the usual stuff we associate with conventional forgiveness, but by shifting your energy. By that I mean, collapsing the energy pattern that has kept your story stuck in your body. You don’t even have to know how it works. The tools and processes listed here do it all for you.
But if you want to really understand Radical Forgiveness you only have to read the assumptions listed on the Assumptions Page. If you get them, you get Radical Forgiveness. What they imply is that if everything that happens to us in life is all part of a divine plan and meant to happen the way it does, then there is nothing to forgive. Period. That’s it. Radical Forgiveness in a nutshell.
Sounds crazy, though, doesn’t it. Yes, but only to our rational minds. Radical Forgiveness is a mystical experience and the mind just simply can’t go there. The only part of our psyche that can is our spiritual intelligence, and that’s the part of us that knows who we are, why we are here and what we need to create for our spiritual lessons.
To our spiritual intelligence, Radical Forgiveness makes perfect sense and it knows exactly what to do to make it work – automatically. The physical body is the antennae for our Spiritual Intelligence which is why it is always necessary to use the tools provided to activate it. When we use the tools, we connect in, through our spiritual intelligence, to Divine Intelligence.
The tools are listed below, many of which are free while others require some payment. By all means try the free ones first. I would especially recommend the Online Radical Forgiveness worksheet. That’s a free one. Over 18,000 people have used that since we put it on the website in 2001. Then, if you still have some issues with your parents, a co-worker, partner, your child or whomever, try one or more of the 21-day programs to clear that toxic energy out of your system once and for all. I would also recommend that you read the book Radical Forgiveness
Many blessings, and thanks for listening.
2. Additional Information
Radical Forgiveness Comprises Five Stages:

1. Telling the (victim) story. 2. Feeling the Feelings. 3. Collapsing the Story. 4. Reframing the Story. 5. Integrating the New Story.
The first three are more or less the same as conventional forgiveness. We first explain how we were victimized while becoming present to our feelings about what happened. Then we do our best to bring to the situation understanding, compassion and empathy for the person we are upset with, and perhaps even imagine walking in their shoes for a while. We also try to strip away all the interpretations, judgments and expectations that we may have added to the situation and which had served only to increase our anger and suffering. That would at least leave us with the actual facts of what happened or how things really were at the time.

But, even so, we still haven’t let our victimizer off the hook. We still hold that he or she (or an organization, perhaps) did—or is doing—something wrong or bad to us. We haven’t really let go of our victimhood and therein lies the limitation of conventional forgiveness. It cannot free us from victim consciousness. Radical Forgiveness, on the other hand, is designed to do just that and is the purpose behind the fourth and fifth stages. In those stages we are invited to try ‘reframing’our upset – that is, to see it through fresh eyes. It asks us to be willing to look at the possibility that there might be a spiritual purpose behind everything that happens, and that what happened to make us feel victimized was actually what our ‘spiritual self’ had wanted for its growth, and that our spiritual intelligence had created the situation for us.

Belief is not necessary at all. But when we become willing to embrace it as a possibility, not only do we feel immediate peace around the situation but every aspect of our lives begins to change. This is because we begin to see everything else as being divinely inspired too, even when to our human eyes it looks terrible. Not only is it a shift in perception but a shift in energy too which is why the effect is so far reaching.
Coming back now to the question of ‘how,’ which still remains to be answered, Radical Forgiveness provides a number of simple tools (listed above) that seem, in some unexplainable way, to help us move the victim energy out of our bodies almost immediately and with minimal effort. The tools help us tune in to our spiritual intelligence and reconnect us with the truth of who we are, why we are here and what the true meaning of our life experience really is. Once we do that, it clears the way for complete forgiveness to occur and brings us to the point of knowing that nothing ‘wrong or right’ happened. Once we get there, we begin to realize that, in truth, there is nothing to forgive. With Radical Forgiveness, therefore, there is no victim consciousness remaining.

The tools are simple worksheets, an audio version of the worksheet called The 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness, a game and some online programs. It is in the execution of these processes that the fifth step, integration of the new story (the reframed version), actually occurs.
If you have the desire to forgive yourself, or someone or something in your life, whether it is work related or not, and yet were feeling daunted by the prospect because there seemed to be no practical methodology available, now you have the means to do it easily and quickly. You no longer have the excuse not to. No matter how skeptical you might be, try one of the 21-day programs listed above and see what happens. You might be very surprised.