4. Radical Transformation


Nothing challenges our willingness to entertain the possibility that there is Divine perfection in absolutely everything than when we watch the news on TV and see a whole string of terrible things occurring out there in the world.  Because our perception of spiritual reality is so limited, we just cannot fathom how it can be purposeful in any spiritual sense for such things to happen.  It’s simply beyond our comprehension given our level of conscious awareness at this time, so we might easily find ourselves rejecting the whole idea.

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My own way to deal with this dilemma is to affirm that experience shows that when we have events in our own lives that make us feel like victims, things always seem to change for the better, and we feel more peaceful, when we use the tools that help us open up to the possibility that everything does happen for a reason.  Even if we use them in a way that simply helps us fake-it-til-we-make-it, it still works.  Therefore, if it is true at that level, then it must be true in all circumstances.  Radical Forgiveness cannot be selective.  It either works for everything or nothing.  There is no in between.

If it works at the level of my own experience, then it must also be operative in exactly the same way when it comes to the larger events.  It is simply that my own consciousness is too limited to be able to see it so clearly.  That’s why we need the tools.  They help us to fake-it-til-we-make-it and to use our own Spiritual Intelligence to connect in to the higher truth of what appears to be happening.  That’s the part of us that can see the bigger picture and yet chooses, for its own reasons, to keep it hidden from us – at least for now.

The worksheet and the 13 Steps audio tool will help you maintain your willingness to entertain the possibility (notice I don’t say believe), that it’s all part of a divine plan, even while you feel compassion and empathy with and for the people involved and are able to take action to help alleviate the suffering.  However, I do feel in my heart that when we do lend a hand in this way, we are much more powerful if we do it with a consciousness that is free of the need to blame or add to the pain by getting angry and upset.  If we remain willling to see the hand of God in the situation we will, simply by virtue of our vibration be of much greater value that we otherwise would.

Many people who consider themselves spiritual make a virtue out of avoiding the news, on the grounds that it is too negative.  I have some sympathy with that idea if only because  the news can be so distorted, but the fact is that reported events are only negative if we remain blocked off from the idea that there is a spiritual purpose being served by it.  It can be very good spiritual practice to make a point of exposing oneself to the pain and suffering of, say, earthquake victims, or a mass shooting or some other awful event and doing one’s best to remain open to seeing the perfection in the situation.  That’s why I would recommend you keep the Radical Consciousness Worksheets handy and use them when you see something on the news that is really upsetting.  I also suggest that having the 4-steps Emerge-n-See process in your mind will also be very helpful.

This not only helps you keep your vibration high, but I feel certain that it helps raise the collective consciousness as well.  It also contributes to the improvement of the actual situation itself in a profound way.  Even while you sit in your armchair watching events unfold on the other side of the world perhaps, you will be making difference.  You really are that powerful and I hope you know it.