3. Radical Manifestation

The Radical Living strategy for creating your future

The Law of Attraction brings into your experience what you want.  Radical Manifestation is the Law of Attraction in action. But it is different to any of the other methods out there, so watch the video to find out why the Tipping Method is the quickest and easiest way to create your intended reality. [If you prefer to read the script, scroll down to the bottom of the page.]


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The Book: Radical Manifestation, the Fine Art of Creating the Life You Want
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How the Law of Attraction Works Quantum physics  tells us that matter is both a wave and a particle.  In other words it  exists as both pure potential and in physical form.  Real  and not real at the same time. They have also proven that consciousness is the critical  factor in bringing it from a state of pure potential (a wave) into  physical form (a particle).  In other words our thoughts creates  reality.  What we consciously choose to focus on becomes manifest.

David Bohm Though this is not a direct quote from the distinguished physicist, David Bohm, this is roughly what he says.  “Everything that ever was, is, or will be is enfolded in the implicate order as pure potential.  When we apply our consciousness in particular ways we enter the implicate order and bring it forth into the explicate order.  Through our consciousness we make it explicate.”

Which Kind of Consciousness, Though? This is the crucial question and highlights the difference between Radical Manifestation and other methods which tend to focus on programming the subconscious mind to do the work.  And we all know how difficult that is. Radical Manifestation, on the other hand, ignores the stubborn subconscious mind altogether and uses spiritual intelligence instead.  This part of our psyche has no resistance to the idea that the Universe is a state of infinite abundance and that we can use our spiritual power to manifest what we want or need.  It can easily access the great sea of abundance (the implicate order) and bring forth from there what it is we need.

The Tools Just as Radical Forgiveness provides tools that seem to activate our spiritual intelligence, so too does Radical Manifestation, and these tools are the key to making it work.  These are already listed above, so do use them and see if they work for you.  Start with modest, easily achievable things and build slowly on your successes.  Don’t go for things that are outside your realm of possibility and acceptability or your subconscious mind will kick up some strong resistance and you will sabotage yourself.  Good luck.

Step Up to Radical Living Using These Life-Changing Strategies

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This here is the truly amazing strategy that empowers you to effectively use the Law of Attraction to create the things and situations that you desire to have in your life – an new relationship perhaps, the baby you’ve always wanted, a job or new career, the kind of house you want, and so on.  It’s a kind of prayer really, but not in the ordinary sense that we use that term because we are not relying on a beneficent God to either give or not give.  I call it secular prayer because it is a prayer to the God within you.  Your own spiritual intelligence knows what is best for you to have, so your own inner wisdom decides.

And, this Radical Manifestation Strategy uses the same ‘spiritual technology’ that defines The Tipping Method.  By that I mean that it employs your own Spiritual Intelligence to make it work.  That’s why it’s much more effective than the other methods that rely on programming the mind.  The Tipping Method bypasses the subconscious mind altogether – with all its hard-wired negative beliefs and thought patterns, and goes straight to your own inbuilt spiritual intelligence.  Trying to reprogram the subconscious is almost impossible so, if we already have a part of our psyche that already knows the truth and is able to connect into the divine field of infinite possibility immediately, why not use it and not bother with the mind at all?

Actually, the first person to really make popular the idea that we can create what we want using the power of our own minds was Napoleon Hill, the author of the groundbreaking book, Think and Grow Rich.  Over the years, many others took up the idea but it was not until the the movie, The Secret, featuring  a lot of well known experts, came along that it finally went ‘viral’ over the internet.  Since then, it has since gained a large measure of mainstream acceptance.  While some people in the press dismiss it as mere wishful thinking, quantum physics lends a lot of credence to the idea, which makes it even more interesting. Scroll down and look at what the renowned physicist, David Boehm, says about it.  From what he and other physicists have said, there is every reason to believe that the power to manifest our reality exists within every one of us.  But I would add, so long as we use our spiritual intelligence to do it.

Anyway, try it for yourself and see if it works for you.  Then decide.  As you might expect, the Tipping Method provides a number of tools for you to use that will put the Law of Attraction into action for you. They’re listed, right under here, so give it try.  Some are free, others are not.  Start with something quite modest at first, a bit above a parking space, of course, but not so outrageous that your subconscious would be awakened and then might block it.  You need to sneak around the subconscious a bit when you’re doing a spiritual intelligence bypass, so it doesn’t notice too much.

Anyway, Good luck and may you be blessed with unimaginable abundance.